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The world is evolving and bringing along revolutions that people never thought would come into existence. Technological progression has grown the most due to the mental force and efforts put towards trying to achieve all the material values scientifically possible.

In such as fast paced world, people need to be proactive and ready to adopt inventions to survive the competition. It’s evident the millennials are always ready to jump into any technology that hits the market. This has made chances of coming in as an investor very narrow leaving most people as consumers of the so termed disruptive technology. As an example, we have seen social media take over as the favorable news platform, Uber and lyft as the desired mode of transport, AirBnb as an accommodation choice for many, et cetra . If you listen to the voices in the streets you will notice that the new talk in town right now is the BlockChain technology and Cryptocurrency, a hot wave whose adoption has caught many by surprise. This blog is intended for this topic, where we share related knowledge through research, exchange of information and analysis of market behavior.

I am not a financial advisor or a legal counsel, so any content or information i share should be vetted accordingly before personal decisions are made. I cannot predict market futures or guarantee return on investment; therefore, I cannot be held responsible.

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