Why Mining Is The Best Way To Accumulate Bitcoins Right Now!

Mining is a way of accumulating crypto currencies based on computation power. This power is generated by special machines that are used to verify transactions in a peer – to -peer network as well as playing a part in securing the Blockchain. Transactions are stored in a block and once they are approved through mathematical algorithms they are added to a chain and the person who completes this task is rewarded in Bitcoins or altcoins they choose to mine. This is a process that takes you a bit of time since there can only be 12.5 Bitcoins released every 10 minutes in this phase of mining. This amount reduces by half after every four years. Trading was is another method that was very successful way of investing and accumulating cryptocurrencies but I can evidently say that it’s the most riskiest way. With the fluctuation in price over the last few months it’s hard to predict where Bitcoin and other altcoins will be the following day. If you are a day trader who depends on this income to pay your bills it might be a bit tricky to generate good revenue when the market soars unexpectedly. Miners go to work every day regardless of the price of these cryptocoins. That means when a day trader might go for a week without making profitable sell orders a miner is slowly accumulating these assets as they wait for the right time to liquidate when the price is right. After reviewing this article from trading view I have even more reasons to continue investing in computation power rather than buying bitcoins and holding them. https://www.tradingview.com/chart/BTCUSD/N0M6HreQ-Bitcoin-BTC-on-New-Pattern-Magical-Uptrend-This-Summer-H/

Several reasons why crypto currencies are so volatile at this adoption phase as analyzed by
1. Adoption rate is influenced by negative media
2. The predicted value of crypto fluctuates
3. Too much variance in perceptions of Bitcoin’s store of value and method of value
4. Big holders of the coins affect value when they liquidate in large scale to fiat currency
5. News about security breaches lead to panic selling or slow adoption.

I am a full time miner and I can help you get started in this venture.

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