Rule of Investment

In any type of investment, you don’t want to be late. Those people who get rewarded the most are the people who see potential in something, put their best foot forward and take the risk, calculated risk in this case. With technology I have come to learn that you need to be quick if you want to make the most out of it. I usually tell my audience its all about timing, adoption does not make you rich, it only makes you one more user. If you wait for the other to test the market for you, you will always find yourself behind. Those people who invested in these technologies Television, Internet, Ecommerce, Facebook, Amazon just to mention but a few when they came out are at a different level now.
Blockchain and cryptocurrencies puts us right on a phase where we can take advantage of both adoption and investment. 9 years in I can confidently say that whether you invest or not the technology will go mainstream pretty soon and we will all be users without choice.

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